Il nostro catalogo e i prospetti

Qui puoi trovare il nostro catalogo e i prospetti di Schobertechnologies in formato PDF

Il nostro catalogo
  •  Aggregati ed utensili di perforazione, taglio, fustellatura, goffratura e cordonatura
  • Aggregati ed utensili per settore sanitario e farmaceutico
  • Macchine fuori linea, sistemi di controllo della pressione di taglio, dispositivi di saldatura ad ultrasuoni, soluzioni per diverse applicazioni
  • Sistemi per la gestione delle cariche elettrostatiche
  • Lamette e sistemi di taglio a lametta
  • Coltelli circolari concavi, di taglio e perforazione
  • Servizi: dentatura e riaffilatura
  • Controcoltelli, portacoltelli e lame speciali
  • Accessori per coltelli
  • Punzoni, matrici e barre
  • Lame di taglio e perforazione
  • Utensili crimp e parti di consumo

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La tecnologia Schober per la perfezione nel dopo-stampa

With almost 50 year’s experience, gained across a variety of product sectors in countries throughout the world, Schober can offer the tools and machinery to make your after-print operations a success. It has long been standard policy for us to involve ourselves closely with our customer’s after-print problems and requirements. So whether it is business forms, labels, packaging or hygiene-products, you can expect us to observe and analyse your operation — and … continue

La tecnologia Schober ti offre progresso

Laser Technology compared to all other cutting technologies on the market is the only technology where the tool that cuts the pattern is not subject to physical wear, in other words a custom design cutting tool is not required. The cut/perforation contour is software controlled …continue

Sistemi rotativi di fustellatura: un concetto di precisione e rendimento

9820 sets of our “NEW Generation” tools are in use worldwide by satisfied customers. Take your fastest running machine and make a test. Our service team will assist you without any obligation. 120 million revolutions over 20-month period with the initial supply of punches and …continue

Soluzione in rotativo per il converting di prodotti multi-strato

This high performance rotary converting machine includes 9 processing stations for cutting, punching, laminating, delaminating and an additional cut & place unit. The innovative processing technologies incorporated in this equipment ensure cost effective production of laminated components and insulators for the communication, electronic, …continue

Soluzioni per il converting di prodotti igienici, farmaceutici e medicali

Schober Know-how assures you productivity advantage for converting nonwovens. Your decision to select Schober puts the most advanced converting technology for a very broad range of materials used in the production of hygiene products at your disposal from the very beginning. Whether or not you manufacture female hygiene, …continue

Vincenti con i sistemi di taglio intelligenti Schober

Profit from 50 years of experience of the world’s leading manufacturer of rotary tooling and machine equipment when producing your individual packaging. The latest state of the art tailor made Schober tool systems are a great help when manufacturing precise high quality products. Schober guarantees high efficiency …continue

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